Project News
Recently we have been helping to distribute warm clothes for the colder months. You can see photos here.



Message From President

Suresh Chhetry


It is a great privilege to welcome you to our website. We are an organization with no paid staff, except a teacher. We are a 100% non-profitmaking organization - donations go directly to the projects, no administrative charges are taken from them. We are working on various social projects in one of the remotest areas of Nepal - Baglung, Chhisti. The projects we are interested in; children's education, women's empowerment, youth empowerment.

However, we are now focused on educational projects; establishing libraries in schools - especially for primary level students and providing leadership training to the teenagers. I believe that only even turning pages children can learn many things with the pictures that they see. So, reading is very important not only for children but for everyone.

We welcome partners; both national and international for sustainable development.

With love and support we can change the world. Let's work together for the better world we all dream of.

With gratitude,

Suresh Bahadur Chhetry

Plastic Bag Free Zone Campaign

We did this program last year! We tried to provide awareness about the pollution we create through not correctly disposing of plastic. We also tried to communicate with people how to use rs5 (reuse, reduce, recycle, reject and recycle), and talked about the effect of burning plastic in the environment. All of this was followed by question and answer session.

We also cooperated with the Suryadaya Youth Club on other v.d.c., Jaidi - providing them with eco-friendly bags supplied by Nepco Nepal.

Of course we know that this campaign alone will not be sufficient to make our village a completely plastic free zone, but people will know about its effect, and along with that they know how they can contribute to save the world, from an individual level.

Copies and Pencil Distribution

This program was done with the help of Resolve International and Run Nepal. We distributed copies and pencils to the 45 kids who were still studying in our school.

We are extremely grateful to Mr. Keith Laycock for believing in us, and hope that our cooperation will continue in the future.